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As a forward-looking Singapore Exchange-listed company, OEL is committed to our goal of building a Pan-Asian High Tech Healthcare Company as its core.


OEL pursues long-term investments in stable and high-growth areas with value creation for shareholders in mind. 

Since the restructuring announced in early 2020, OEL has focused on the high tech healthcare and childcare wellness education industries through astute mergers and acquisitions, injection of capital through fundraising exercises in the equity market as well as bringing in new strategic investors and partners.


Working with healthcare experts, early childhood development specialists and other industry-related entities has enabled us to take a huge step forward in identifying healthcare and childcare wellness education as our new core businesses. 


Furthermore, OEL's board members work closely with leading investors, global financial institutions, and other relevant industry players who can assist us in driving our businesses forward.


With the above in mind, we are confident of delivering positive results in the future! 


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