As a forward-looking and efficient listed company, OEL is focusing on China-Southeast Asia region while building a global health industry. OEL seeks to enhance long term shareholders’ value by working closely with various partners and stakeholders from all over the world. Our members of board of directors and teams have good working relationship with international and reputable investors, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, top business leaders and the world’s leading universities.


OEL is committed to delivering diversified health industry (such as Healthcare Business and Health Education Business). With its strong financial capabilities, cutting-edge technology, strong management expertise and comprehensive resources in various industries, OEL seeks to deliver highest level of social contributions and enterprise value as well as to maximize shareholders’ value.


Since the restructuring in December 2019, OEL has focused on the field of health industry. From the conceptualization to planning and execution, OEL has been attentive in providing advice and services to investors and shareholders, and to lead and participate in equity investment or project collaborations. The Company also attracted strategic investors and business associates to deliver win-win results so as to achieve sustainable synergies. To date, we have successfully incubated preschool health education (physical, psychological & behavioral), public and specialized medical treatment, etc.